Principles of association

Below we set out the principles for which we, as South London Anti-Fascists operate under. It is important that before working with SLAF (e.g. attending meetings, taking responsibility for tasks such as social media control) that you read the statement below, ensuring that you agree and are willing to comply. Anyone who is found to be acting in a way which is in violation of these principles will be formally disassociated with and will no longer be welcome at SLAF meetings, with immediate effect. You will also no longer be welcome at SLAF organised events.

What we stand for

We are an anti-fascist and anti-racist group from South London acting in solidarity with other similar organisations. Our structure is non-hierarchical. Our approach is grassroots community self-organisation. (For more see

SLAF strives to always act in accordance with the principles of collective liberation. The idea of collective liberation recognises that all struggles against oppression are linked. This includes (but is not exhaustive to) the struggles against capitalism, racism, imperialism, ableism, and patriarchy (including transphobia and whorephobia)

As a group we recognise that struggling for justice in the wider world must be accompanied by self-criticism and challenges to structures of oppression within the group itself. As individuals do not live in conditions devoid of the structures outlined above, it is important to remain open to dialogue and sharing of ideas to combat ignorance and unintentional prejudice. However, there will be no tolerance for views or behaviour amongst members that is bigoted and is deemed to be:

  • Racist
  • Xenophobic
  • Sexist
  • Classist
  • Transphobic
  • Homophobic or biphobic
  • Ableist/disablist
  • Queerphobic
  • Anti sex-worker/whorephobic
  • Engage in victim blaming or promotes the idea that culpability for rape, sexual assault and interpersonal violence can be diminished by certain circumstances.

These principles are also applicable when considering other groups we may work with.

Engaging with the police

We believe that the police are part of the machinery of state violence, particularly against certain groups in society (e.g. People of colour, sex workers) and our policy is to have as little involvement with them as possible during anti-fascist activities. Anyone who is found to be engaging with the police in a way which puts other anti-fascists and/or community members in danger will no longer be welcome in the group or at SLAF organised activities. For example, anyone who is found to be sharing personal information about other anti-fascists/community members or sharing information relating to planned anti-fascist activities.

In the interest of transparency and trust it is also the responsibility of members to inform the group as a whole if they have in the past been employed by state security services (including the police and UKBA/Immigration Enforcement).

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