SLAF film night: Blacks Britannica

Free, donations welcome.
The film is around one hour long.

South London Anti-Fascists are proud to host a screening of David Koff’s 1978 documentary ‘Blacks Britannica’.

Blacks Britannica shows the realities of race and class in 1970s Britain with rare honesty and is a powerful base for thinking about racism and the state today. The film charts the history of black people and black struggle in Britain from colonialism and migration to the Notting Hill Carnival and the Spaghetti House siege. The film has been described as “a harsh, relentless and passionate indictment of the British ruling class for manipulating and exploiting British blacks in the interest of profit”. Originally produced for US public television, the film was re-edited and censored by TV station management who then tried to sue the director to prevent him distributing his version of the film (we are showing the original cut).

There will be a chance to discuss the film after the screening with Colin Prescod, one of the writers and activists who features in the film. Colin himself made the acclaimed series ‘Struggles for Black Community’.

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