Principles of association

Below we set out the principles for which we, as South London Anti-Fascists operate under. It is important that before working with SLAF (e.g. attending meetings, taking responsibility for tasks such as social media control) that you read the statement below, ensuring that you agree and are willing to comply. Anyone who is found to […]

SLAF film night: Blacks Britannica

Free, donations welcome. The film is around one hour long. South London Anti-Fascists are proud to host a screening of David Koff’s 1978 documentary ‘Blacks Britannica’. Blacks Britannica shows the realities of race and class in 1970s Britain with rare honesty and is a powerful base for thinking about racism and the state today. The […]

October 4, 2021

SLAF statement of principles & democracy

Following a healthy democratic discussion at a meeting on 23 July 2013, South London Anti-Fascists voted to endorse the following statement of principles, which sets out our basis of work. At a previous meeting South London Anti-Fascists also voted on our democratic structures. Statement of principles Who are South London Anti-Fascists? We are an anti-fascist […]

Stop the EVF: South London Anti-Fascists callout

Opportunist thugs from racist group the English Volunteer Force (EVF) are marching in Croydon and Woolwich on Saturday 27th July. Their aim is to whip up racism and turn our community against itself. EVF members will be shipped in from across the country, they have no interest in the problems we face in our community, […]

South London Anti-Fascists at Lewisham People’s Day

For the first time South London Anti-Fascists decided to take a stall at Lewisham People’s Day, the community festival of the London borough of Lewisham. An estimated 20,000 visited over the course of the day, helped in no small part by the weather. We were delighted with the response to the stall and spoke to […]

Stop South East Alliance in Cricklewood on Saturday

London Anti Fascists are organising to oppose the fascist South East Alliance march in Cricklewood on the 14th June. The south east alliance are a rag tag bunch of racists and fascists who contain ex-BNP and EDL members, and have a history of violent and racist behaviour. They are coming to protest against the Muslim Brotherhood […]

Lambeth College & Hackney College Strikes are struggles about Race, Migration & Class

Lambeth College UCU are on an indefinite strike over the management trying to impose new contracts which would drastically increase working hours and duties, cut holiday and sick pay, and worsen other working conditions. Hackney Community College are balloting for strike over yet another round of redundancies. Several other further education colleges in London are preparing for industrial […]

Anti-Fascism One Year On From The Lee Rigby Murder

Today is the local and European elections. It is also the first year anniversary of Lee Rigby’s murder, a personal tragedy and a sickening public spectacle which triggered a wave of reactionary Islamophobic violence across the country. On the day of the killing, Theresa May, the Home Secretary described it as “an attack on everyone in […]