Stop the EVF: South London Anti-Fascists callout

Opportunist thugs from racist group the English Volunteer Force (EVF) are marching in Croydon and Woolwich on Saturday 27th July. Their aim is to whip up racism and turn our community against itself.

EVF members will be shipped in from across the country, they have no interest in the problems we face in our community, and the real problems affecting working class people across London.

The EVF are demonstrating outside the Home Office Immigration building in Croydon and afterwards they plan to join other extreme-right wing groups to march through Woolwich & Lewisham. Members of these groups have long histories of violent racism, and aim to harass, intimidate and threaten immigrants, asylum seekers and people of colour by their presence. They have also issued threats against mosques.

South London Antifascists are calling on all South London residents who oppose racism to join us on the streets on Saturday, to counter the EVF and show the racists they’re not welcome on our streets.

We’ll be travelling together to Croydon and joining other groups taking action there. Find details below:


This might be a long and sunny day, so wearing comfortable clothing and bringing sunscreen, a cap, sunglasses and other useful items is a good idea. Some people advise bringing a change of clothes to demonstrations where you might be extensively filmed, either by racists or the police. It’s an especially good idea to bring plenty of water and some food.

Racist groups are notorious for changing their plans at the last minute; in any case, they state they want to be at multiple locations through the day. Therefore, we suggest bringing an adequately topped-up Oyster card in case we need to travel. This means we can travel safely in groups rather than dispersing on our own.


No-one can ever predict entirely what might happen at a demonstration. We suggest browsing some of the Green & Black Cross (GBC) advice in advance – it’s always best to know your rights:

GBC legal briefings can be found here, we recommend especially the longer version of the bust card and the advice on stop & search:

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