Stop South East Alliance in Cricklewood on Saturday

London Anti Fascists are organising to oppose the fascist South East Alliance march in Cricklewood on the 14th June. The south east alliance are a rag tag bunch of racists and fascists who contain ex-BNP and EDL members, and have a history of violent and racist behaviour.

They are coming to protest against the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt who have their offices in Cricklewood.

While we have no time for the reactionary and right wing ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood, they are not the ones intending to march down our streets shouting racist abuse at any one they see as different, be they Black, Asian, Muslim or Irish.

We oppose both the racism of these neo-fascist groups trying to divide our community and the institutional racism of the state and police in NW London.

Join us on the streets to show Cricklewood unites against racist bigots.

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